So you want to be METAL MILITIA. Great! That is a good first start. Sign up and become a member of Metal Militia Powerlifting. But that does not yet make you METAL MILITIA. No, a membership to MMP simply allows you to compete in MMP meets and set records. And like I said, that is a great first step.

Many people over the years have asked, "What do I have to do to become METAL MILITIA?" The answer is always the same, "it takes time". You have to live, breathe, train, compete and mostly be with and support METAL MILITIA. Then, nobody with give it to you, you will just come to the point where you understand and you will be METAL MILITIA. There is no membership card for this, you will just be.


Mike Millar answered this question many years ago with the best answer, "if you have to ask, then I cannot explain it to you". Why? Because it takes time. You need to spend time with other Metal Militia Warriors, you need to train with them, you need to help and support them at meets. You need to understand the training. You need to help others train the same way and see their incredible results. You need to feel the camaraderie, the support and you need to give it back.

METAL MILITIA is a brotherhood (brothers and sisters) who have understood and developed a bond of trust and support with each other over years. When you are METAL MILITIA, you can go anywhere in the world, to Europe, to South America, to Canada and when you meet a METAL MILITIA Warrior in a meet they will trust you to handle them and support them. You will know how to wrap their knees, how to yell at them if they need it during their lifts, how to sit quietly and focus and how to feel the strength and support in numbers.

Bill Crawford is the original METAL MILITIA founder. He quietly laid the foundation for what it is to be METAL MILITIA. He spread his technique, training methods and support without any fanfare, without commercialization. For over 17 years MM grew as an underground force that did not seek any spotlight. In fact, Bill didn't even care to grow the MM. It simply grew over time by uniting powerlifting warriors with a similar way of thinking and training that produced results. There was no membership, there were no rule books. You just were and you understood. You learned from others not from a manual or a book of rules.


METAL MILITIA POWERLIFTING is an LLC, a legal organization developed to promote and hold powerlifting meets. It was created from the need to standardize METAL MILITIA meets so that MM lifters could have a home to lift at and conduct meets in our own way, still following the original strict standard powerlifting rules. MMP is an alternative for lifters who do not fit into other organizations. It is home to METAL MILITIA WARRIORS who want to lift in meets that are loud, are run safely, are consistent with Metal Militia equipment and have a supportive and uplifting hardcore atmosphere.

Joining MMP through a paid membership and lifting or attending an MMP meet is a great way for new lifters and non-lifters (audience) to start to see what Metal Militia is about. You will either love it or you will find it is not for you. But you will definitely begin to understand that MMP is made up of METAL MILITIA Warriors who are hardcore serious lifters who love the sport and uphold its integrity.


Being METAL MILITIA? So how do you become METAL MILITIA? Nobody will give it to you. And, nobody will take it away. You will give it to yourself when you realize that you have put in the time to learn, train and compete, when you have felt the brotherly love, support and loyalty, the strength in numbers and when you understand what it is to be METAL MILITIA. When it is in your head. When you understand and define yourself and your training as METAL MILITIA. Then, you will just be METAL MILITIA.